Friday, July 22, 2011

More positive comments about "Stanley Seagull"

"[The video trailer] works great. I love the background music. It adds a sense of adventure to the story and great illustrations."
-Mary Barna

"Love to purchase a hardcopy for my Grandson!!! Love, love the story!!!"
-Debbie Tornvall Demming

"Congratulations and good luck!"
-Lisa Paglia

"The Breakfast Bunch can't wait to get our autographed copies. How about a Book-signing Breakfast!!"
-Rosann McLane Moskel

"So exciting!"
-Nicole Giovagnoli

"Just Love this Book."
-Lisa Caines

"Wow! I can't wait to get a copy to read to the girls!! Congratulations!!"
-Jennifer Caines

-Donna L. Shuta

"Congrats! So proud!"
-Michele Steblinski

"What an accomplishment, congratulations!!"
-Kathleen Dougherty Nudelman

"Aimee reads everyday to her 1 month old son. She loves to read and she wants Gary to love it to. I will have to order the book."
-Maryellen John Warnero

"Congratulations Cathy!! Can't wait to get the book."
-Lori Coviello Mulally

"Good luck on the book!"
-Joseph Krajewski

"Congrats Cathy!!! Awesome job!"
-Shelley Buselli

"Congratulations and Good Luck! I'm impressed."
-Maureen Walsh Gavin

"How cool!"
-Jacqueline Sposto Sharples

"Congratulations on your book. I loved listening to your inspiration about how this story came about. Can't wait to get your book."
-Marliu O'Malley

"Congratulations on the book, I didn't know you were an aspiring author."
-Joanne Sheridan

"Very exciting...I looked at the [video] trailer."
-Karen Donato

"Congrats Mrs. Mazur on your new book!! That is great!!!"
-April Green Davey

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