Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What people are saying about "Stanley Seagull"

"Cathy, I love Stanley! Downloaded it last week. It looks awesome on the iPad! Congrats! Your dad would have been so proud!"
-Kathleen Riccardo Hubert

"Hey Cath, Just ordered a hard copy of Stanley for my grandson Chase - I can't believe it - remember a couple of years ago you gave me your hand written copy to take home for me & Stacey to read and you wanted to know what we thought - well if you remember we loved it....and you were hoping to get it published....and here you are - an "author" - Congratulations - and Stacey & I are proud to say "we knew you when...."
-Kathy Maloney

"Cathy the book is fabulous! So great to have an author in the family! We are so proud of you - wonderful job! It's going to be my Christmas present to all the little ones on my list! WOW! Soooo exciting!"
-Jean Marie Alu

"Congrats Cathy!!!"
-Joe Tomko

"AWESOME!!!!!! Congratulations! I just added a copy to my Amazon wish list ready for my next purchase! How exciting for you! I can't wait to read it to Michael! YAY!"
-Kathy McCauley

"Wow! Can't wait to get a copy from the book store..."
-Indrani Pandey

"Good for you Cathy..."
-Marlene Nestor

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