Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More praise for "Stanley Seagull"

"I love it. I wonder where the inspiration came from."
-Allison Grant

"Congratulations! Am I the last to know about this??!!!! LOVE IT!"
-Maureen Holmes Arduino

"I love the book! I'm gonna order one to use next semester with the special needs pre-k and Kindergardeners I have to work with. They love any books with bright colors." :)
-Amanda Bedford

"Love the artwork from the book. Wish they made a stuffed Stanley the Seagull because he would be awesome :) Congrats!"
-Samantha Kravitz

"I would love one of these books."
-Sandy Barrett DeNinno

"Congratulations!!!...Great illustrations on the Stanley Seagull book."
-Sue Baigis

"That is awesome!! So cool!!!"
-Kim Caines

"Congratulations!! Looks great!"
-Rosemary Kunz Nelson

"Wow, how amazing is this!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the book..."
-Lori Bartkowski Walsh

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