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How to feed a seagull

Whether you live near a large body of water or are vacationing near one, it can be fun to feed seagulls. Sometimes, you can even throw food into the air and watch the seagulls retrieve it. Other times, you can place the food on the ground and watch the gulls land to eat it.


1. First, find a place where there seagulls gather. This can be an area on a beach or somewhere near the ocean. Just look around for gulls and get as near to them as possible.

2. Take the loaf or slice of bread and tear it into small pieces about the size of a quarter.

3. If the seagull you want to feed is on the ground, toss a piece of bread on the ground between you and gull. Stand still so that the gull will walk up and retrieve the bread and not be scared away by sudden movements. If the gull you want to feed is flying, hold the bread into the air in order to get the bird's attention. Often, the seagull will fly down toward your hand. When it does this, toss the bread into the air near the gull so it can grab it.

Tips & Warnings

If you are having trouble locating seagulls, look in places where food is available such as near beach side restaurants or garbage bins.

Make sure to use slow, steady movements when nearing a seagull. Gulls are often scared away by sudden or jerky movements.

Feed the sea gull bits of bread or french fries, but don't give one seagull too much food.

Do not try to feed a sea gull anything that could harm it such as a sharp object or something toxic. Only feed seagulls bits or bread, french fries or similar foods.

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