Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEW Amazon reviews of Stanley Seagull

When It's Time to Go...
by birchleaf

Even Seagulls can have bad days. In this instance, there is Stanley Seagull. Stanley makes a friend one day. His new friend, Seymour, shows him delicious types of food in a big green truck. Seymour warns Stanley time isn't to be wasted. When it's time to go, it's time to go. Stanley must move quickly. However, Stanley doesn't move up and away from the green truck in time. In one sad day he will find himself far away from his ocean home. The story is delightful and sad too. Along the way Stanley meets another friend Walter. No new friend can make Stanley stop thinking about home. Will Stanley ever get back to his ocean home?

"Stanley wanted to get back to the beach, but how? Walter thought awhile and explained that a lot of gulls never made it back..."


Sweet Story to Read With Your Kids
by Jackie Miller

While reading this book I definitely had my children in mind. What parts would they like the most? What pictures would they want to look at just a little longer before turning to the next page? This is a sweet story with super cute illustrations.

Poor Stanley Seagull gets himself into a pickle by not listening or paying attention to what he is told. Luckily, with some help, he eventually finds his way back home. I felt so bad for Stanley getting stuck in the dirty, smelly landfill when all he really wanted was to go back to the beautiful beaches and open skies he called home.

This book presents a great opportunity to share time reading with very small kids and also to discuss some of the themes in the book with ones that are a bit older. It would be perfect to read together with your kids before bed.

And if you are wondering which picture my kids would like the most, it's probably the one where a hotdog gets snatched off the grill. :-)


A great "There's no place like home" story!
by jmalu

This well written and adorably illustrated children's book has quickly become one of my favorites! It beautifully relays themes of friendship, adventure and an appreciation of "home". It is lovely to find a book that is fun and innocent yet still carries an important message. I recently attended a baby shower that asked for a children's book in lieu of a card and I brought "Stanley Seagull". It was the hit of the party! It was the only book that was read aloud and passed around the room! I will definately be giving more copies as Christmas gifts - I think it will be every child's new favorite book!

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