Thursday, September 15, 2011

BLOG TOUR STOP: 3 Boys and a Dog

3 Boys and a Dog
September 15, 2011

Review: (BOOK) Stanley Seagull by Cathy Mazur
by Tabitha Pye

We loved it! My kids have a strange fascination with seagull’s, so this delightful book fit right into our family! Also as the story is somewhat centred around Stanley’s desire to scavenge for food and to find the best place to do this, I think it resonated in the stomach of my 4 year old son, who is constantly scavenging for food around our house :) . I really enjoyed reading this book to my kids because it not only told a story about a seagull who gets mistakenly removed from his home and his journey to get back but it also educates children about seagull’s themselves; and there are many life lessons to be learned as well. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I think you should read this book to your kids!

We received the Kindle version of the book and we read it from my iPod so there were times when your didn’t see a picture and because my older kids are 6 and 4, the 4 year old would get distracted easily not having anything to look at. But in my experience of children’s books this is by far one of the nicer reads. It flows nicely and doesn’t sound disjointed.

Our favorite part was of course the end when Stanley finally made it back home! :)

Buy it!

Hardcover buy link: ($16.95)
Paperback buy link: ($7.95)
Kindle buy link: ($2.99)
Nook buy link: ($4.95)
iPad buy link: ($4.99)

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