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Palace of Twelve Pillars
September 15, 2011

Book Review: Stanley Seagull
by Christina Weigand

Book Review: Stanley Seagull

Author: Cathy Mazur

Illustrator: Colleen Gedrich

Stanley Seagull is a quirky young bird that will steal children’s hearts as he sets out on his adventures. Like any human child, Stanley takes on the world and doesn’t consider the consequences until he gets caught up in them.

Ms. Mazur has portrayed the young Stanley perfectly. I see my own children in his antics. I pray for him when he gets lost and celebrate with him when he finds his way home. The lessons are portrayed and taught well as Stanley progresses on his journey.

Ms. Gedrich’s illustrations are wonderful and add dimension to the story.

A must read to me book. If I had children of my own in this age group I would be reading this book to them. Instead I will find a way to get it into the hands of my son so he can share it with his daughter.

Five stars for Ms. Mazur and Ms. Gedrich and five stars for Stanley as he learns the lessons of family and thankfulness.

All for the glory of God,

Christina Weigand

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