Wednesday, September 28, 2011


September 28, 2011

Stanley Seagull eBook Review!
by Melissa

I love reading, and SAP takes after me in that sense too! She can’t get enough of books! I love to get her books that teach her things about life whether it be how other cultures live or how animals act to different places and things like mountains she has never seen before. Unfortunately these types of children’s books are not always the best at keeping SAP’s attention.

That’s why I loved the idea of the ebook Stanley Seagull! SAP loved the special treat of sitting with mommy at the computer reading the ebook and talking about the seagulls and what they were eating and what they were doing! The pictures were very large and colorful, capturing her attention and following along well with the story. I liked how it show-cased that seagulls live at the sea and not where we are accustomed to seeing them: in our landfills, parking lots, and parks!

Learn more about Stanley Seagull on the Stanley Seagull Blog!

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The “Stanley Seagull” book is available in print (paperback or hardcover) as well as e-versions! (PDF, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Google)

Purchase any version on the Stanley Seagull Website!

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