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BLOG TOUR STOP: The Crypto-Capers Review

The Crypto-Capers Review
September 12, 2011

Book Review for Stanley Seagull by Cathy Mazur
by Renee Hand

Stanley SeagullPaperback
Tribute Books (July 2011)
Price: $7.95
ISBN: 9780983741800
Pages: 32


An Interesting Romp in the Life of a Seagull.
Stanley Seagull is about a seagull named Stanley who frolics with his friends on the beach, eating food that beachgoers drop down to them. One day, along with his cousin Seymor, Stanley flies over a man grilling hotdogs. Seymor decides to fly down and steal one from the grill. Stanley was impressed with his abilities.

Stanley loved his life and flying over the sea. It's there where he found something strange sitting by the pier. It was green dump trucks. Seagulls were always looking for new sources of food, and this was a feast that couldn’t be ignored. Stanley began to feast on the garbage along with his friends. But with the feast came a warning to be ready to fly away at a moment’s notice. Stanley had ignored the warning when his palate tasted the variety of food in the garbage trucks. It was this fatal error that caught Stanley underneath a tarp and taken to somewhere he did not expect.

Stanley found himself at a landfill a hundred miles away from his beloved sea. He was lost and alone, until he met another seagull who lived at the landfill, relying on the garbage for food. Will Stanley ever revel in the ocean's beauty again?

This is a story focusing on Stanley and his adventure to a landfill, the author explaining the reason why seagulls can be found more at landfills than they are at the sea hunting for food. Cities have greatly impacted the lives of seagulls, changing their feeding patterns and habits. These birds have become scavengers, instead of hunters.

Children will enjoy this 32 page picture book and it's colorful illustrations. The story is simply told with Stanley's love of the ocean pushed to the forefront, and with an underlying message that being greedy can change a life forever.

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