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BLOG TOUR STOP: Nap Time Is My Time

Nap Time Is My Time
September 21, 2011

Book review: Stanley Seagull

by Emily

Meet a young seagull named Stanley. Follow him as he wanders far from home and tries to find his way back. Join Stanley on his journey as he learns how humans affect the balance of nature.

Stanley loves to eat and shares meals with his cousin Seymor. Seymor is a more adventurous and experienced gull who invites Stanley to a great feast at a garbage truck. Sadly,Stanley is not paying attention when it was time to fly out of the truck and is carried more than 100 miles from the ocean to the dump.

That’s where Stanley meets Walter,another gull. Walter tries to convince Stanley to stay at the dump. That life there is just a good as life near the ocean. Stanley won’t listen to Walter,he’s desperate to return home. After attempting to find his way alone,he returns to the dump discouraged. The following day,Walter helps Stanley stow away in a garbage truck bound for the ocean.

Stanley is thrilled to see his cousin Seymor again and smell the crisp ocean air.

Written by Cathy Mazur,a former elementary school librarian,this book is a wonderful addition to your elementary school-aged child’s library. The illustrations by Colleen Gedrich are colorful and fun.

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