Friday, September 16, 2011

BLOG TOUR STOP: Adventures of Frugal Mom

Adventures of Frugal Mom
September 16, 2011

Stanley Seagull Stop on Ebook Tour
by Melissa Vera

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to host Stanley Seagull's book tour today on Adventures of Frugal Mom. Stanley Seagull is an adorable children's book written by Cathy Mazur and illustrated by Colleen Gedrich. This adorable books relays the message that there is no place like home.
The pictures in the book are beautifully illustrated. They will sure catch your child's attention. The story is pure genius. Stanley is a gull who is looking for food but in quest he forgets the advice that his cousin tells him. They find food on the garbage trucks by the pier. There is plenty of food that Stanley makes a pig of himself only to learn to late that he should have listened to his cousin's advice. He ends up trapped in the garbage truck and carried hundreds of miles away from home. He meets a wise gull named Walter at the landfill. Will Walter give Stanley advice on how to get home?? Will Stanley listen to that advice?? Will Stanley ever make it home?? Pick up a copy to find out.
I thought this book was adorable. The lessons that it teaches are priceless. One there is no place like home. The second one is do not make a pig of yourself and the last one to always heed the advice of others. All children need to know these things. The way Mazur writes children are sure to remember these lessons so that will not be a Stanley Seagull.

You can find more information about Stanley Seagull at Stanley Seagull.

Interested in buying Stanley Seagull for your children. Well boy do I have some information for you. You can buy the hardcover edition of Stanley Seagull for $16.95.You can buy the paperback edition of Stanley Seagull for $7.95.You can even buy the Kindle Edition for $2.99, the Nook Edition for $4.95 and the iPad edition for $4.99.

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