Monday, September 19, 2011

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Aaron's Environmental Corner
September 17, 2011

Stanley Seagull
by Aaron

I was invited to review a new electronic children’s book, Stanley Seagull. The book was written by Cathy Mazur and wonderfully illustrated in watercolor-style by Colleen Gedrich. It’s now available on Amazon.

As you probably know, I have two baby girls at home – Heidi is 19 months and Adelyn is 8 months. I printed this book out (2 pages per side, double-sided, so the 32 pages wasn’t large) in color. I then read it to them and flipped through the pages so they could look at the photos.

The girls were delighted. This book is nicely illustrated and very different from many children’s books in that the pictures aren’t too detailed and instead focus on conveying mood. The little ones responded to that very well.

This book is great for kids and has a nice little story centered on Stanley, who is a seagull. He does his seagull thing and ends up getting lost and must find his way home. His adventure, while very simplistic, is nicely written and appeals to small children like mine.

A very awesome book and worth getting.

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