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September 14, 2011

Review: Stanley Seagull

by Chris Singer

Stanley Seagull is more than just a cute story about a seagull trying to find his way back home. This story is packed with excellent lessons about friendship, the importance of listening and paying attention, greed, determination, healthy eating and environmental conservation.

I give the author a lot of credit here because she doesn’t just bluntly tell readers what the lessons are in the story. Instead, young readers will be touched by different elements of the story and will come away with a lesson themselves. My daughter seemed to be struck by the fact that Stanley didn’t listen (listening is something we take about a lot as she is a toddler after all!!). More mature readers might see how Stanley was greedy in only caring about eating.

I think many young readers will really enjoy the story and might be in awe of the colorful illustrations like my own daughter was. Stanley Seagull would make an excellent read aloud as well in that it presents parents with an opportunity to get an idea of which of the story’s themes made an impression on their children.

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