Friday, September 23, 2011

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Everything to Do with Books
September 23, 2011

Stanley Seagull by Cathy Mazur
by Rebecca

Stanley Seagull is a neat little story about a seagull named Stanley who gets lost one day and has to try and get home.

I really liked the illustrations in Stanley Seagull. I particularly loved the way that the seagulls were drawn. They looked really great. The illustrations were also very bright and colourful so that was something I really liked.

The story itself was really entertaining. It’s definitely something that a young child would love. It’s simplistic but not so simplistic that it would be overly boring.

I had a lot of fun reading Stanley Seagull and I think that it would definitely be enjoyable for younger children.

Visit Stanley Seagull at his website by clicking here.

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